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About Us

Fiducia is a financing platform where Suppliers/Vendors can discount their invoices for cash speedily, This improves liquidity, while not straining existing bank lines. Fiducia provides solutions to help businesses expand and grow stronger Fiducia unlocks benefits and enable growth and improves services.​


Access multiple funders with Zero paperwork


Get funded at the best possible rates

About Us

Fiducia is a financing platform where SMEs can discount their invoices for cash speedily, enabling them to borrow money, become credit worthy and enhance supply chain sustainability. Fiducia will help businesses unlock the benefits from a supply chain finance system and enable growth and improved service delivery.​


Unlock Working capital financing quickly


Access multiple funders with Zero paperwork


Get funded at the best possible rates

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Fast: 48 hours TAT for approved invoices


User Friendly

Strengthen Supplier management & relationship




Automated platform for invoice discounting & factoring

One-time boarding

Strong Financial Partners

Paperless platforms


Here are some frequently asked questions that would definitely be of help. Don’t hesitate to reach out if your questions are not addressed here.


  • The Fiducia platform is an online Supply Chain Financing marketplace.
  • It is a place where Vendors and Corporates can assess alternative funding from multiple financiers simultaneously, decide best terms and then immediately receive favorable new liquidity.

  • Fiducia connects small businesses in need of working capital financing to a pool of financiers seeking safe and profitable alternative financial instruments to invest in.
  • Fiducia has created a digital ecosystem that bridges the finance gap in the supply chain, one that simplifies all the processes required for invoice financing.

  • No, Fiducia is not a bank, but our marketplace provides Vendors and Corporates access to Financiers such as Banks and Other Financial Institutions, which provide the financing. We provide a transparent and ethical platform which gives access to new market solutions by automating and simplifying supply chain financing for all sizes of businesses.

  • Yes. We are located at Rock Tower, The Rock Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

  • Our off-balance sheet solution means that financing is discrete, and will only enhance (not negatively impact) your reported financial condition, or credit rating.
  • What kind of funders does Fiducia work with? We have a pool of accredited funders including Banking institutions, Developmental Finance institutions and Non-Bank finance institutions.

  • With the ease of the Platform, Fiducia can arrange an extension of the Buyer’s payment terms, through the Platform’s secondary market.

  • We examine data from a variety of sources, including Credit Bureaus, Rating Agencies, publicly available information, and any information that is willingly provided by the customer for this purpose.
  • If your customer has also transacted or established a repayment data trail on the Fiducia platform, Fiducia will use this information to profile the likelihood that an invoice issued to them will be paid on time.

  • You can refer your customers to us through this form (click here) and our sales and partnerships team will onboard your customer on your behalf.

  • Yes, you can.

  • All of them, subject to acceptance and validation from the Buyer and Fiducia’s platform rules.

  • Entities licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to run and operate a banking business in Nigeria.
  • Non-Bank financial Institutions (inclusive of finance houses, asset managers, investment capital firms, etc.)

  • The Fiducia platform simply serves as a facilitator of the supply chain finance process between the key parties on the Platform.
  • While monitoring is done by Fiducia, collection and enforcement of the financial obligation of the Buyer are done by the Financier. Fiducia helps with the necessary documentation to aid enforcement.

  • The process will go through your risk assessment process and your internal risk management policies.
  • Our role in risk assessment is limited to providing data on the corporate transactional history on the Platform for your risk assessment.

  • The Buyer’s credit risk is being assessed

  • Financiers participate on a level playing field through our fair and transparent process.
  • To safeguard in-house views Proposals are never shared with other Financiers.
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